Our Story

On the 12th of January 2001, Bee Wise was officially launched into the world of South African commerce by entrepreneurs Roger and Nola Egersdorfer. The year 2002 saw this family orientated business reach company status, with Clive Egersdorfer being its sole member.

By 2003, the Bee Wise product of inception, `Original’ bee balm, had been joined by additional labels to our range.

Bee Wise is a leading, completely natural, healthcare range which has proved to be a valued household name.


The primary vision of this company was to manufacture an affordable, 100% natural, traditional balm, `out of Africa’, which would retard ailments of the skin, both in humans and in animals.

Motivation, certainly, to develop new and affordable health and beauty products to answer the specific needs of a growing population in Southern Africa and internationally.



Bee Wise is manufactured solely to produce good.